tripeptinonProduct Overview

Tripeptinon is an anti-aging product created to strengthen, firm up, and lift the connective tissues under the face.

What You Get

One bottle of Tripeptinon contains 40 capsules that contain what looks like clear oil that you can apply to your face and neck. One capsule is enough for use at a time. Tripeptinon is made from 17 select amino acids found in collagen and elastin. Each amino acid is derived from plant sources and is purified before being added to the main substance that makes up Tripeptinon. These 17 amino acids are the most important protein blocks that keep the skin healthy because they are the primary players in keeping and locking the moisture in the skin. Your first order of a bottle of Tripeptinon also automatically enrols you into the Tripeptinon 40ct VIP Program.

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