No matter how expensive skin products are, not all of them may provide the wrinkle-free skin you desire. And despite your beauty efforts, your skin still seems to age gradually. Although aging can never be stopped, there are always ways to reduce the problem. Through Beauty products like Ceramide C, you can prevent aging and its ugly signs on your skin.

Product Overview

Ceramide C believes in providing the nourishment your skin needs to prevent the aging process. As you age, ceramide gradually diminishes from your skin and is a starting point of aging signs. To prevent this from happening, Ceramide C helps provide your skin the nourishment it needs. The serum content of the product makes anti-aging greatly possible.

Aside from reduced fine lines and wrinkles, your skin would feel softer, smoother and silkier after Ceramide C use. It leaves no harmful ingredients on your skin which makes the treatment process even more effective.

Aging signs on the neck, hands and face are prevented with Ceramide C. It leaves the skin well hydrated so you may experience the soft and smooth skin you desire. Your skin would match well with the product as it contains no harmful ingredients that can worsen your aging skin.

Company Behind It

Rozge Cosmeceutical is responsible for this potent anti-aging product. The company has been operating for years in the beauty industry and continues to provide people with the skin care they need. All products have been issued a certificate of analysis to prove its safety and efficacy of use.


A jar of Ceramide C is worth a 2 months supply of the product and costs $47.95 on your first purchase. In the succeeding orders, you can avail of many discount promos on the package. You can also save more if you purchase 2 or more bottles of Ceramide C.


Every bottle of Ceramide C is designed to nourish your skin and leave it as wrinkle free as possible. They contain safe ingredients which include the following: Ceramide (Trihydroxypalmitami-dohrexypropyl Mysristyl Ether HO3), Vitamin E, Dimethicone, Squalene, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin A, Tocotrienol, Evening Primrose Extracts, Cucumber Extract, and Cyclomethicone. All these ingredients aim to beautify your skin the safest and most effective way. Ceramide C also contains no allergenic products or oil substances which injure the skin even more.


If you are not satisfied with any of Ceramide C’s products, you can avail of the 100-day money back guarantee. You may fill out the Product Return Form and get your refund after the request has been made.

Testimonials / Results

Hear more about Ceramide C through the customer reviews stated below.

P. Duran |  Dallas, TX

“I started using Ceramide from a well known cosmetic manufacturer. The product was great but the cost was greater. Although it did what it claimed it would and took away the wrinkles around my eyes and lips, every time I used it, I thought of the cost. Eventually I had to give it up. Just last month my friend told me that she saw Ceramide in your catalog. I was skeptical about the quality because I knew, except this big cosmetic company there is no other place to buy this product. I was happy to find that you were selling the same type of product, with the same great quality at half the price. You have a customer for life. Thank you for making great skin affordable.”

K. Stevens |  Miami, FL

“I have been using Elizabeth Arden for some time. When they came out with their Ceramide Treatment I think I was the first to try it. I loved it. It did everything they claimed it would do, especially removing wrinkle lines on my face. My only concern was the cost of the product. But since Elizabeth Arden was the only company that sold Ceramide I was forced to buy it from them. Now, I am so glad that I found you. I can’t believe that you sell the same product for half the price. At first I thought the quality may not be the same, but I have tried it and it is exactly the same. This is a great product and I am happy to be able to continue using it without worrying about the cost.”

What I Like

The product contains Vitamins and certain chemicals needed by our face. It also contains no harmful ingredients that can damage our aging skin.

What I Don’t Like

The product does not include sun screen protection. Those who want to shield away from the sun’s harmful rays may have to find other products that can provide them such kind of deal.


The unconditional money back guarantee assures consumers of product efficacy. It also proves that the company is confident in providing you products that really work.

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