Face Disc by Lauren Hutton

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Face Disc by Lauren Hutton is a makeup system specifically designed for women belonging to the age range of 35 to 65. It works to make mature women look younger and more natural, covering up the wrinkles, pores, and age spots and highlighting the best features of the face.

What You Get

A set of Face Disc by Lauren Hutton include 11 pots of different colors of makeup, seven of Lauren’s Best Brushes in their own carrying case, Lauren’s Lengthening Mascara, and a Face Disc instruction DVD and brochure. The set also has Lauren’s No Shine Tinted Moisturizer, Better-than-Spice lip pencil, Lauren’s Suck-Ups oil-blotting paper, and a fashionable quilted cosmetic bag.

Person Behind It

Lauren Hutton is one of the original supermodels, having graced the cover of the prestigious Vogue magazine 28 times. It was Lauren Hutton herself, when she was looking for a way to grow old gracefully and bring out the natural beauty in her age, who invented the formula behind Face Disc.


Face Disc by Lauren Hutton is valued at $400.00 but is currently being offered at $29.95 each month, plus shipping and handling costs which vary according to the customer’s shipping address.


Face Disc by Lauren Hutton offers a 30-day return/exchange guarantee. This means that, if, for example, you realize that the colors you ordered are not right for your skin tone, you can contact the customer service department and have your shipment exchanged for a new one that matches your skin color.

You can also take advantage of the 21-day trial offer, which requires you to pay only $29.95, a third of the purchase price of the product. If you are not happy with the way Face Disc works, you can always call the company to cancel your purchase and you will not be billed the remaining two $29.95 charges for your Face Disc trial and your initial payment will be refunded back to your credit card.

What I Like 

Face Disc by Lauren Hutton is hypoallergenic and tested safe by dermatologists. Also, the makeup does not contain any mica or pearl, which both heighten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you appear much older than you really are. All Face Disc makeup kits are tested only on people; no animals were used in the formulation of Lauren Hutton’s cosmetics. And though Face Disc is directed towards the 35-years-old and up market, they can also be used by women of all ages.

What I Don’t Like

As of press time, Face Disc by Lauren Hutton is only available in the United States.


See for yourself whether Face Disc by Lauren Hutton works the way it promises to be. After all, there’s nothing to lose with the 21-day trial period available.

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